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Hello. My name is Joe. By way of introduction, I’m originally from Rupert, ID, and I’ve been selling for Bulwark for the last three summers. The following story relates how I began my career at Bulwark.

As the summer of 2003 approached, I was finishing my junior year at BYU. I was looking for a summer job to finance my schooling; pay for my loans; and provide for my living expenses. I knew that the local jobs weren’t going to pay as much as sales jobs did, but I was still against selling—it appeared to me that every year: only a few made it big in sales; a sizeable amount endured it, then regretted it; and a handful lost money doing it.

So, one April day I ran into an old friend from Ricks College—Steve Monk. I knew that he’d been selling for a few summers. So of course I had to ask him about it, and that is when he told me about a unique company that he was working for: Bulwark Exterminating. I had never heard of them… And that’s where it all began.

Three years ago… (It actually seems just like yesterday.) I had so many questions going into my first interview. And, truthfully, I still had questions when I came out of that first interview. In order to save you from some of my original headaches, I’d like to answer some of your “unknown’s” right now.

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Where are the Bulwark offices?

Bulwark has offices in the following cities, and their surrounding communities:

  • Austin, Texas
  • San Antonio Texas
  • Mesa, Arizona
  • Phoenix, Arizona,
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Raleigh, North Carolina,
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Las Vegas, Nevada,
  • St. George, Utah.

I started knocking in San Antonio three years ago, and have been working in that city every summer since. (After completing my third summer, I’ve found that I quite frequently bump into happy customers of mine at the local convenience stores and super markets)

Now, just an FYI, you won’t have to return to the same city after your first year of selling. I just happened to sell in San Antonio for three years because it fit my particular style.

Please contact a Bulwark Representative to find out which offices are still open for selling in this coming summer

What is the schedule?
Sales Season:
We start selling 3 days after school is out. Usually the season is from May 1 to the end of August, or until school begins. (Most colleges have different summer schedules, and Bulwark will work with your school’s schedule.) There are some individuals whom travel down to start selling earlier in the preseason—which generally would open in March or April. (Also, I feel it important to let you know that they don’t require you to work the two summer holidays, luckily: Memorial Day, and July 4th.)

Weekly Schedule:
A Sales Representative’s work week is a long one: Monday through Saturday. Sundays are always off.

Daily Schedule:
Typical work day:
11:00 am Correlation (Training Meeting).
11:45 am Gather materials, and map out selling area
12:15 pm Drive to area ** (fast lunch if necessary)
 1:00 pm Start knocking in area
 3:30 pm ** (take short drink/dinner break if necessary)
 4:15 pm knock doors
 9:00 pm Stop knocking when too dark, and visit any set appointments
 9:30 pm Drive back to office; complete paperwork
  Enjoy the rest of your night!!

11:00 a.m. Correlation
The daily schedule begins with a team correlation meeting at 11:00 a.m. It is usually conducted at the Branch Office. These meetings last anywhere from ½ hr to 1 hr. They will include training videos featuring the Seever Brothers (whom have each sold over 1000 accounts in one summer), role-plays, and the team’s personal experiences. During these meetings concerns and questions regarding the job are discussed among team members, with the team leader, and with any visiting corporate trainers.

11:45 a.m. After Correlation
Now, unless your like Dan Seever—whose food cravings are unnaturally curbed by door knocking, you’ll want to eat lunch on you way to your area.

You should begin knocking on the doors no later then 1 p.m. every day.

We work from 1 p.m. till dark. Some reps will choose to follow up with a few contacts after dark. Once you are done selling, you’ll return to the branch office to quickly file your paperwork. As for when you’ll actually get back to your apartment, well, it depends on a variety of factors: the number of your after dark appointments; where you are knocking at; and whether you are driving a “junker car” like mine.

What will I be selling?
You will be selling Bulwark’s annual pest control contracts in residential communities. Now your friends from other companies may boast that their programs are better, or maybe more “brand-name.” You will come to see, as I did, that not all pest control companies are the same; and Bulwark’s level of service is the best in the nation.

Will they provide my housing?
You bet they will! Bulwark finds, and sets up these nice apartments in every city for their sales teams. And they will make housing arrangements for you, whatever your marital status: If married sales reps choose not to use our apartments, we will help them find quality apartments elsewhere. Please contact a Bulwark Representative for more information regarding the summer housing

What is my uniform going to look like?
See picture
As you can see from these pictures of my friend Rob, Bulwark recommends that their sales reps wear either khaki pants or shorts, with your polo shirt. They also highly urge you to wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Bulwark will provide the polo company shirts and hats. You must provide everything else

Bulwark recommended that I drive my own car if possible. If you are not able to drive a car to your city then you will be paired with someone who did. And, you will naturally be expected to share the gas and other wear-and-tear expenses associated with your partnership. It is to your advantage to drive your own car so that you can alternate driving days, and use it during your leisure time.

What is the pay scale?
Don’t let my worn out jeans and faded shirts deceive you. Bulwark’s industry-high commission scales have made all the difference to this “rural Idaho boy.” Because of the sensitive nature of our pay scales, we will not be listing them on this web site. Please contact a Bulwark Representative for this information

What bonuses do they offer?
Bulwark offers a variety of enticing bonuses for 1st year reps (rookies). They offer one major bonus for returning reps (veterans). Because of the sensitive nature of our pay scales, we will not be listing them on this web site. Please contact a Bulwark Representative for this information.

What will I need to bring?
I have found that Bulwark furnishes the sales reps’ apartments with beds and furniture. The furnishings will not be luxury items, but they are nice. You will need to bring kitchen utensils, bedding, and all of the other clothes and supplies to get you through a four month summer. I brought almost my entire college closet, my first summer. You don’t want to do that; the less you bring, the easier your move will be.

Can I work with my friends?
Yes. I have every year, and you can too. Please contact a Bulwark representative to find out which offices have space for you and your friends

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