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Does Bulwark promote same-day and next-day availability?
Yes.  It was a key to the past selling success of the Bulwark owners, and it continues to be a key to the success of our sales reps.

How does Bulwark keep their customer retention rate so high? 
Truly, Bulwark was created by experienced salesmen who had a concern for the customer: who had talked to, quite literally, thousands of customers from other nationwide companies.  And once they understood what customers liked, and didn’t like, they formed a company around it.  Furthermore, because Bulwark is the actual pest control company, we can ensure the quality of the customer service.  Marketing companies cannot guarantee that!
Current Employee

What should I expect to make as an experienced Bulwark sales reps?
2004 and 2005 average experienced sales earnings -
Earnings per hour $70.98 $104.72
Earnings per day $425.89 $628.33
Earnings per week $2,555.33 $3,769.96
Earnings per summer (14 weeks) $35,774.58 $52,779.51

How competitive are Bulwark’s prices and service compared with the pest control industry?
Bulwark stays “flexibly” priced in the middle of its competition.  And they offer, quite literally, the highest quality residential pest control service available in the United States.  Don’t believe it?  We invite you to come check it out.
Client Testimonials

Are there management opportunities?
Yes.  We generally promote from within:  to every level of our company.  We would be happy to tell you what we look for in our managers.

What kind of work do sales reps do?
Great question.  "Ask Joe"

How many sales reps do we place in each office?
Unlike many other door-to-door marketing companies, Bulwark prefers to have quality over quantity.  Therefore, we keep offices small, so that there is plenty of area for the sales reps to work through.  This helps to create an opportunity for the unlimited success of our sales reps.  Many variables help to determine how many reps will be placed in each city, but we tend to average between 6 and 12.

How can Bulwark afford to pay their sales reps on such a high pay scale?
Everyone eventually asks us this question, and truthfully, there are more explanations then we have room to list.  Please consider that Bulwark has proven that they can keep a majority of new customers on service far past the end of the first-year contract. (Most other pest control companies do not have that kind of customer retention.)  With this in mind, Bulwark can afford to pay its sales reps a higher commission.   
(We would also like to casually note that we can pay more because we aren’t one of those new marketing companies that take a cut off of your commissions.)
Current Employees

Why does Bulwark pay their sales reps as highly as they do?
We believe that investing highly in our employees’ futures, greatly influences them to want to highly invest in ours.
Current Employees

What kind of moral standards does Bulwark expect its employees to uphold?
We expect all of our sales reps to keep the high standards of conduct and professionalism that make Bulwark what it is.  This includes, but is not limited to: No mind-altering substances; and no lying, cheating, or stealing.  More information will be made available during an interview with a Bulwark Representative.

What living standards does Bulwark enforce for its summer housing?
No alcohol, mind altering substances, or pornography. 
Ask Joe

Will Bulwark be a good decision for me?
YES!  We Guarantee It.

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