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FAQs for Rookies (Frequently Asked Questions Answered)

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What will I be selling?
You will be selling year-long contracts for Bulwark’s residential pest control service.  You will not be doing any technician work.
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What kind of work hours does it require?
Long hours.  You’ve probably heard rumors about the long days, weeks, and months.  Our most experienced and successful reps will tell you that there is no substitute for good, old fashioned, hard work.  Generally we ask you to knock for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, for the duration of your employment.
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Where will I live?
Bulwark arranges the apartments before you arrive in the areas. Please refer to the
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What should I wear?

Will I be working with someone else, or by myself?
We generally send teams of 2 to select neighborhoods.  Once you arrive, sales reps generally prefer to work by themselves.
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What quality of training does Bulwark offer?
Preparation proceeds performance.  Bulwark is committed to providing the best training possible.  It comes in the form of daily training meetings, and additional training texts and videos.

When do most sales reps begin selling?  When can I start?
Within 4 days of the end of your school each spring. Occasionally some sales reps take a semester off of school and take advantage of the early spring or late fall to get some extra sales.

What can I realistically expect to make knocking door-to-door?
2004 and 2005 average 1st year employee earnings:
Earnings per hour $41.91 $43.35
Earnings per day $251.45 $260.10
Earnings per week $1,508.69 $1,560.62
Earnings per summer (14 weeks) $21,121.70 $21,848.72

Are there management opportunities?
Yes.  We promote at every level from within.  We would be happy to tell you what we look for in our mangers.

Is it possible to get internship credit?

How many door knocking reps do we like to have in each office?
Unlike many other door-to-door marketing companies, Bulwark prefers to have quality over quantity.  Therefore, we keep offices small, so that there is plenty of area for the sales reps to work through.  This helps to create an opportunity for the unlimited success of our sales reps.  Many variables help to determine how many reps will be placed in each city, but we tend to average between 6 and 12.

What kind of moral standards does Bulwark expect its employees to uphold?
We expect all of our sales reps to keep the high standards of conduct and professionalism that make Bulwark what it is.  This includes, but is not limited to: No mind-altering substances; and no lying, cheating, or stealing.  More information will be made available during an interview with a Bulwark Representative.

Will Bulwark be a good decision for me?
YES!  We guarantee it.

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